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Jul 22, 2013 1:50 PM

Please identify this bug.. it's driving me mad

Please can someone help to identify thes tiny bugs?  We moved into a new build property 3 years ago (the property was previously owned since new so is only about 4 years old).  After a few weeks we noticed these things along the top of skirting boards, window frames and sometimes in cupboards.  We have tried completely emptying rooms, cleaning, bleaching, spraying various inspect repellents but these things still appear.  We have always kept a tidy house and never had anything like this in our previous property.


Someone suggested they are plaster mites and because the plaster has not finished drying they are feeding on that.  I would have thought aftet 4 years the plaster would have dried.


I'm at my wits end and its really depressing me now.  My youngest child (4 years) keeps getting mild rashes on her arms and this only seemed to occur since moving here.  I dread to think of these things crawling around all over her fluffy toys.


Another friend said they could be booklice and they are normally found near dry food stuffs or damp / humid areas.  As far as I know we have no damp issues.


Information from what I know.


1 - They are tiny, look like white grains of rice (sometimes I see black ones).  On magnification they look completely different.

2 - Hate light.  Shine torch on them and they scutter around trying to hide.  Also seem to hate vibrations (as in tapping the wall / floor near to them).

3 - Always find them along skirting boards, window frame edges, kitchen worktops (were the end meets the wall) and sometimes in the bottom of cupboards.


I managed to catch a few on a piece of sellotape and magnify them on a usb microscope.


Please help identify these and if there is a way to get rid them or if im stuck with them.bug 1.jpgbug 8.jpg

bug 5.jpgbug 7.jpgbug 6.jpg

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