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Jul 15, 2013 2:31 PM

Bitten by a spider in my sleep

Hi there

I was awoken at about 4pm the other morning have felt somthing run across my back. I turned over thinking it might have been a fly only to then feel a bite on my back. Once out of bed rather rapidly, the offender (now squashed due to my 15 stone resting on him) fell to the floor. I wonder if anyone can identify the culprit based on my rather poor photos?

Not very big but packed a punch! Leaving me with a red riased area of about 4 inches and a white patch in the middle.

Cheers Phill

2013-07-14 06.19.16.jpg

2013-07-14 08.51.09.jpg

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    Jul 16, 2013 10:48 AM (in response to phill)
    Re: Bitten by a spider in my sleep

    Sorry Phil,


    The photo & the state of the spider aren't going to make identification easy, if possible at all.


    Can you see any markings on the abdomen? Can you see the spinnarets? Any chance of better photos of the abdomen and head? Any idea on body length?


    As it stands, there are a few possible candidates.

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        Jul 16, 2013 12:23 PM (in response to phill)
        Re: Bitten by a spider in my sleep

        Hi Phill,


        I'll assume that's 5mm, rather than 5cm (2 inches)?


        A tube web spider (Segestria florentina) would have green, irridescent fangs. Your spider looks "hairier" than I'd expect, regarding the abdomen? Segestria senoculata would usually have visible markings, perhaps stripier legs. Can't rule it out, but gut feeling is that this is less likely.


        No markings on the abdomen, at all, may point to a mouse spider (Scotophaeus blackwalli)? This spider has very visible spinnarets at the rear of the abdomen. Very common in houses. Small, but tough & quick to bite.


        Feint markings on the abdomen - could possibly be an Amaurobius species, spiderling? I'd possibly expect stripier looking legs?


        All suggestions are tentative.

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