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Jul 13, 2013 9:50 PM

A sawfly larva that wasn't?

My currants have been devastated by sawfly larvae this year because I haven't had time to deal with them until recently.   When picking them off I came across another kind of creature.  It looked superficially like a sawfly larva that has just moulted - very pale yellow and green - but it was thinner and straight bodied, not curled at the end; and and its behaviour was totally different.  Instead of waving its head end slowly about, trying to stick to the leaf or curling up and dropping off like a sawfly would, it wriggled very fast and then ran to escape.


I couldn't get a picture, but hope someone might recognise the description.  It looked like some kind of caterpillar but I have never seen a caterpillar move so fast.  Its movement was very agile, more like a centipede in its speed and manner.  I couldn't see how many legs it had but it didn't look like a centipede otherwise.

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