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Jun 27, 2013 10:01 AM

Can anyone identify this insect?

We are an A-level biology class, who have been setting pitfall traps as part of an ecology project, and have found this insect within one of our 'Medium age' habitat trap and are unable to identify it. We are based in Leeds and this bug was found in our school grounds, any help to identify it would be much appreciated.


Many Thanks. Unidentified Bug 1.JPG

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    Re: Can anyone identify this insect?

    It's a springtail (Collembola). The thing that's sticking out its back end it its furca or springing organ. In a live specimen it would nornmally be under the abdomen

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    Re: Can anyone identify this insect?

    As this is info for A Level biology students it will be worth mentioning that collembola have more or less always been considered as an order of insects. However, more recent molecular studies show them to be related to crustaceans and they are now considered to be a taxonomic group with the same rank (class) as insects.


    All is explained on Frans Janssens website where you can also see the diversity and beauty of these somewhat overlooked invertebrates. I like the bit where it is proposed that the competition between insects and this group may have been instrumental in insects developing wings and taking to the sky.

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