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Jun 14, 2013 2:35 PM

Can anyone tell me what has caused this bark damage

Can anyone please identify and tell me what may have caused this bark damage on this tree.IMG_2039.JPG

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    Jun 14, 2013 3:36 PM (in response to zen)
    Re: Can anyone tell me what has caused this bark damage

    Is that a short pruning cut I see at the top (left) of the damaged area?

    If so, that could have caused stress for the tissues below it - because the sap flows down the trunk (through the phloem). It is quite a long area of damage, though; ordinarily side-ways flow would limit that sort-of damage to a shorter area under the cut.

    Also, if that is a pruning cut, if the tool was infected, it could have introduced a pathogen, which could have spread down the phloem. There are many types of infection a tree can suffer, eg. bacterial canker (I think not in this case).


    So I'm leaning towards physical damage or stress, eg. something leaning up against the tree in that area, or sudden exposure to hot sun, perhaps by pruning-away of branches on this or adjacent trees. Large beeches can suffer such sun shock when sunlight floods into a copse following the toppling of one tree. Such sun shock can be a primary cause of stress, and it can render the area susceptible to fungal or bacterial attack - a secondary problem.


    I wonder what you see if you peel/prise away some of the damage/dead bark. Staining in the tissues could indicate an infection. Galleries could indicate insect larvae borings (which might be secondary).


    General reference on how a tree works




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