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Jun 6, 2013 8:06 PM

can someone help me identify this please?

this little guy was found in my north west garden    another spider ran infront of it and it attacked and killed it instantly!  more than a slight concern  lol  it has fangs but cant see them with my camera   sorry

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    Jun 6, 2013 9:31 PM (in response to sparky1234)
    Re: can someone help me identify this please?

    It's a lace weaver, Amaurobius species (...I'd guess at A. ferox, but it's hard to be that specific, so treat it as just that - a guess). Amaurobius do have good sized fangs, they can be quite plucky and stand their ground when confronted too, but I personally haven't had any bother with them (woken up with one crawling on me before). That said, I'm not keen on them and catch & relocate where possible...for whatever little good that does.


    Spiders don't just eat flies, they also eat other spiders. Like other predators, they will also protect their territory by killing off the competition, with no intention of eating it. I had a resident garden spider in my living room for the last year...just found her dead in her web with what looked like a bite mark on her abdomen. I didn't see the culprit, but I also get a lot of brown Amaurobius spiders...which, in turn get preyed upon by the "daddy long legs" spiders (Pholcus), who's diet commonly consists of other spiders.


    Life's hard when you're a spider ;-)

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