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May 22, 2013 11:40 AM

fossil egg?



I think I found something which looks like an egg. Its hard like stone, and quite small. Its white, found on the sea shore after the storm, 2 days ago.

Thanks guys for help. My camera is really bad so the pictures are not perfect, but if you think

that this might be egg, I will try to do some more, closer and better images.

(please help)


egg 004.JPGegg 005.JPGegg 012.JPGegg 013.JPG

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      May 22, 2013 12:26 PM (in response to 1bear)
      Re: fossil egg?

      Well, from what we can see in your photos, it certainly looks to have suitable symmetry and shape for an (fossil) egg.


      A fossil egg can be a fossil egg or it can be a cast. If the latter, there would be no shell to look for. There appears to be no shell in your specimen, hence if it is a fossil egg, it would likely be a cast.


      But those cracks worry me. They are open (not mineral filled; veins), and they have delicate structure preserved at some of the edges - hence they are probably recent. They might have been caused by the storm smashing rocks about; they don't look like percussive damage, but that remains my best guess.


      The slight indentation near one end is, I think, irrelevant; the internal structure it shows is of no consequence.


      If there is a history of fossil eggs in the area, that would be worth pursuing.

      In the absence of that knowledge, on balance, I think it is just a cobble or pebble (you don't tell us its size).


      Don't be disheartened; keep looking.



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