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May 17, 2013 11:05 AM

Meteorite? Enfield



Would appreciate it if someone could help identify the stone in the attached pictures. Have sent these and more to the email given by the identification line, but apparently this could take some time before it is looked at.


When I was going out of my front door to go to work on either 12th May between 06:30-06:45 or 13th May between 06:25-06:30 May approximately, I saw a stone tumble to a stop on the floor about 2 to 3 feet to the side and front of my car. I looked around but couldn’t see anyone about at the time who could have thrown it. I don’t remember hearing an impact on the car, but that possibly could have been masked by opening or shutting the inner door of the porch. At that time I didn’t notice any damage to my car. On Wednesday evening I was going out and noticed some marks on the front bonnet of my car. It has been dented. The main dent has a large paint chip knocked off and about a 1 mm dent in the metal and there are also smaller marks. These marks match closely with paint coloured marks on the stone. Damage to top left of the front bonnet, impact I would guess from directly above. Driveway is slightly downhill towards the house (Easterly) and bonnet sloped that way also.  


Approximate dimensions and properties of stone.

Weight = 50g (weighed on kitchen scales).

Dimensions = 45 mm x 40 mm x 28 mm irregular pyramid type shape.

Greenish rock with lighter brownish band through the middle.

Small specks of rust, small dark shiny specks.


Apologies if pictures aren't that good, but they are the best I could do with the equipment I have.

Thanks in advance


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      Jun 6, 2013 7:08 AM (in response to Graeme)
      Re: Meteorite? Enfield



      I gauge the volume to be about 15cc, making the density a bit over 3g/cc.

      That fits with its appearance as a medium grained igneous rock (shiny flecks could be mica), or quartzose sandstone (rusty specks being oxidized iron-rich mineral grains). Both of those could be used for roadstone.

      I can't explain the dents on your car's bonnet or your seeing it coming to a stop, but there is nothing in the object itself to suggest it is a meteorite.



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