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May 9, 2013 3:25 AM

2 very strange stones-agates?

archeology bombs 011.JPGarcheology bombs 013.JPG

I found them recently on the beach in Scotland.

I would be grateful for any idea what this stones are.


Thanks a lot



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    May 9, 2013 7:18 AM (in response to 1bear)
    Re: 2 very strange stones-agates?

    I think it is flint.


    Flints sometimes have a fossil at their core, which acted as a nucleus for the formation of the flint. Sometimes the whole fossil (and only the fossil) becomes flint; this happens with sea urchins, for instance.

    I think what you have here is a result of a collection of shell fragments acting as nuclei for flint formation. And as the flints 'grew', they merged together. Now, the fossils are made of flint as well, so the lump is all the same hardness, which makes it weather/erode similarly, causing the lump to be fairly smooth.




    "There are no known sources of flint nodules in situ in Scotland, but several deposits of

    flint gravels are well known. These are most abundant in the Buchan district of Aberdeenshire"


    "In addition to these mapped sources flint is plentiful on many beaches"



    So it would be useful to know which beach your specimen came from...

    That might support my thinking, or I might have to think again (such is science - fact and theory)



    - Luanne's flint doc

    - NaturePlus chert doc



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