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Mar 15, 2013 5:51 PM


What kind of fossil is this?




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    Mar 28, 2013 12:03 PM (in response to Ivan)
    Re: Fossil?

    I have numerous almost identical specimens found not too far from Wicklow, down in Wexford so I assume the  geology wouldnt be too dissimilar! I found them to be cross sections of crinoid stems, I will try and upload some pictures for you for comparison


    Just to add, the geology in Wexford in mainly carboniferous limestone so theres every chance your find is something roughly close to that

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      Mar 28, 2013 12:52 PM (in response to aisling)
      Re: Fossil?


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        Mar 28, 2013 2:41 PM (in response to aisling)
        Re: Fossil?

        Aisling - thank you very much - a most useful contribution - good job!

        That pretty much nails the answer as crinoid (as per Polacanthus12's first suggestion).


        If you have any photos of other views of the same crinoids, for instance showing the discs as circles/ellipses, and preferably in 3D rather than smooth cross-section, I would be interested in seeing them.

        Also, if you have an idea of the name (even just the genus), do let us know!


        This is proving to be a useful bit of education for me.


        BTW, here's an excellent cast of a Carboniferous crinoid stem, the carbonate having been dissolved, leaving the silicious host rock. It shows the same inter-disc spaces as in your specimen, Ivan, only in 3D.

        Being on Ebay, the image will disappear before long, but worth a look meanwhile -

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