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Mar 4, 2013 11:52 PM

Identification please: Fish? Bird? Mammal?

See photos.


One my wife and I found on a beach in California when we lived there some 10 years ago. We enjoy beach combing and hung on to is, not knowing what it is really, assumed it is bone.


Then not so long ago, my son found one on the the South Coast of England. I have just boxed framed them up and put them on the wall; makes sense that we learn what they are.


If it helps, they are very light weight (egg shell light if not lighter), but tough (they wouldn't break if you dropped them). As you will see both have a distinct fin shape which we have assumed faces up, but for all we know it might be naturally orientated down. The bigger one is about 13 cm in length, and the smaller about 7cm. They are symetrical in layout if you were to look down upon them, and the fin shape would run down the middle.


On the bigger one you'll see from some of the angles, there is towards one ned, what look like nostril holes (but this is purely my mind trying to rationalise them.


Also, on both, you'll notice what look like 'teeth' settings, there is a definte and delibertae serrated section that runs donw both sides. Also, on both, just being this there are smooths and concave sections would I have always assumed would connect into a joint - but I really don't know.


We know these are something common, fish jaws? duck bills?  bute we really don't know...


Thanks for any help in advance.


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