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Feb 10, 2013 6:04 PM

Identification please? Amazing stone from Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Hi all,


I recently came across a very special stone that a relative of mine has. The stone itself has been passed down within the family for ages. I was hoping that someone here might be able to clarify more about this extraordinary stone.


The stone appears to have been cut into a round form, with a radius of about 3cm or more (though I still doubt it has been cut as there's a spot where a tiny piece broke of and shows the inside color is completely white and differs greatey from the outer color) and weighs about a pound.

The color is brownish/yellowish with red stains/dots, kinda resembles a bird's egg.


The interesting part though is that it gives off a fluorescent light in the dark that seems to shine brighter when it's been in the light for a while. Even the flash light of a mobile phone shows remarkable effects. The stone absorbs the light more or less.

Furthermore, the stone gives off a weird kind of energy that can barely be felt when it's simply held in the palm. I have experienced myself that when held for some time the stone's temperature is clearly higher than the hand holding it, which makes me wonder if it absorbs and "charges" with energy as well? perhaps electromagnetic aspects such as those of the human body?


Last but certainly not least, we have received some very significant offers from a (small) number of people that were very discreet in their knowlegde of this stone, not willing to share any of their knowledge. All this has made us realise that apart fromt the personal value it may have to us, apparently it is a very valuable piece to those that know what it is...

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