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Jan 25, 2013 12:52 PM

A message from a friend who recently moved to a country area.

Hi Barry

Well, something just happened here! Explain this to me:

I found Ronnie looking out of the patio doors. Following his gaze I saw a blue tit on the lawn, and two others fluttering round it. It moved it's head a bit, but that was all.

After a while I went out to it. I put some more of those delicious maggots on the bird table, then talked to the bird gently (probably deeply traumatic for it, but I hoped it would understand my intention) and lobbed a few maggots near it. Then I went indoors, worrying about what to do when I needed to let the cats out.

I happened to glance through the back door window after I closed it - and saw the two blue tits descend in a flurry and airlift the static one out of the garden and into the trees! What on earth is going on? It surely can't be a young bird this weather? And how am I ever going to leave the house again if I risk mssing  similar dramas?





Has anyone ever witnessed anything like this? (Ronnie is the dog!) I wonder if the bluetit had flown into a window and stunned itself. The rest of the events I have no experience of.

I would point out that the lady who sent this to me is a highly intelligent person and is not given to flights of fancy!


Barry Marchant

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