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Jan 17, 2013 6:43 PM

Spider identification help needed; probably Steatoda grossa (Edinburgh)

Looking for some help if possible.  We've found this little specimen in our bathroom at the top of the window (approx 10ft) above our toilet,




I think it's S. grossa?  (for scale, the square units on glass are roughly 1cm spacings)  We live on the ground floor, north facing flat, fairly damp and normally quite cold.  It has a fairly big, irregular web.  Spotted it a few days ago but it scurried quickly back into a hidey-hole when we entered bathroom, although it seems to be standing its ground more and let me get close enough to get a photo.


There are a few other wee spiders nearby which are far smaller but look structurally similar, wondering whether they are its spiderlings?  I'd even seen one of the wee ones devour a fly earlier today.


Admittedly, if it is a false widow we're not massively comfortable.  Does anyone have advice?


Finally, we used to get a massive influx of what I think is some Tegenaria (well fed common house spiders?) in the late summer - not sure of the precise species but I'd presumed it was the males looking for a mate.  Some always hung about all year round but they seem to have, erm, vanished of late.  Would the Steatoda species exclude the Tegenaria?


Thanks :-)


(I apologies if I'm getting things mixed-up, a small dose of paranoia and access to the internet go a long way)

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