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Jan 9, 2013 10:14 AM

Small reptile Identification - found in light bulb box



This was recently found in a lightbulb box wrapped around a bulb I had changed a couple of years back.

It's fairly dehydrated.


Think it may be some sort of newt but no ponds / lakes nearby.

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    Jan 10, 2013 12:09 AM (in response to Mibble)
    Re: Small reptile Identification - found in light bulb box

    Well, it's definitely not an amphibian as this has scaly skin. It has similar feet to a gecko, geckos have specially adapted scales on their feet to help them scale vertical surfaces. But whether or not it actually is a gecko depends on where in the world you live.

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    Jan 13, 2013 12:50 AM (in response to Mibble)
    Re: Small reptile Identification - found in light bulb box

    It is definitely a type of gecko as you can see the small pads on each toe that enables them to grip onto glass surfaces such as your lightbulb however these lizards are not found anywhere in Britain (with our native species being only the common and sand lizards, which look nothing like this) so it may be an escapee or even accidentally imported with furniture! In places where these are naturally found they accumulate around light bulbs as they give off heat and attract insects so that explains why it was wrapped around your bulb.

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    • kent and generally the south east of the uk is the hub for invasive reptiles and amphibians as its where the majority of major ports are and gets some of the best weather in the uk allowing them to survive in summer, however very few survive our winters, having originated from warmer climes, it could also be an escaped pet, going by its size (looks small) , toe pads and skull shape looks a lot to me like a crested gecko which is the most commonly kept arboreal gecko

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