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Jan 4, 2013 1:31 PM

Goliath Bird Eating Spider spontaneous sex change?

Hello everyone,



I was wondering if anyone else has come across this...



Earlier this year I bought a female Goliath from an RFUK member I'd consider a professional. 'She' was sold to me as a mature female & I have no reason to doubt 'she' was anything else.



I bred her with my male (Therphosa Blondi: breeding - YouTube) & all seemed to go swimmingly with all the usual behaviour I'd expect from each side without incident.



'She' continued to put weight on, widened & deepend her burrow & then spun herself shut in what appeared to be preparation for creating an egg sac. Some months later she emerged to have a lengthy drink & returned to her burrow. I was later disappointed to discover her on her back in pre-shed.



Well, the spider finished it's shed & is definitely a mature male with palpal bulbs! To all intents & purposes, it appears this spider has changed sex!? Has ANYONE run into this before? I know it could just as easily be that the spider was male all along & despite careful sexing following what must have appeared to be a maturing shed it was never anything else.



But then why would the breeding attempt go so 'succesfully'? Please, share your thoughts.



Just Add Pete

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