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Nov 25, 2012 9:37 PM

Spiders in the House!!

Hi All,


     i wonder if i can use your great experiance to let me know what the two little darlings we have in our porch are. they are both at approx 6-8ft high in a messy web! they are very shiney and have markings, the lighter one has marking on its back while the other jet black has a mark on its belly. they only come out in the dark. I have been hearing about false widow spiders and thought they maybe these. Oh and i live in North Somerset in a vallage called St Georges.

the two spiders are approx 1 1/2  inches max in size. i have also seen lots of baby ones inside the house. Ddo i need to panic and get the hoover on them? Quite like them in the porch!! keep the flies down ;-)




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    Nov 26, 2012 7:46 PM (in response to AdamCan)
    Re: Spiders in the House!!

    1.JPG & 3.JPG are both Steatoda nobilis.


    2.JPG could well be S. grossa...I couldn't say for sure based on that photo.


    I wouldn't panic. If I see any males wandering about, I put them outside/somewhere else (exterior walls, outbuildings). I must have S grossa around, I have never seen any females but recently found a male...and really, for every one you see there are probably a few that you don't, that you have been living in close proximity to for however long. I have a couple of female S nobilis who have set up home indoors. They tend to build a web and largely stay there.


    I guess if you wanted to relocate them, then doing so when they are babies is probably a good move. I catch them in a funnel made from the top half of a cut-off pop bottle (lid screwed tightly in place). Quite often, if you spook them, they will obligingly run straight in.

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