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Apr 26, 2010 4:46 PM

Wild cherry - well, no - how to record domestic cherries?

I was going to enter my 4 cherry trees into the survey. I know exactly what they are, as I planted them!   There are three 'heritage varieties' and one commercial 'garden centre' sweet cherry.


However, if I try to enter them as Prunus Avium (I think that's right, the common ancestor of all sweet cherries?) the form immediately tells me these are 'wild cherry'.  Which I would have though was wrong, as they are not wild trees, but domestic cultivars? 


My cherry trees are:

Sweet Cherry, variety: 'Summer Sun'

Tamar valley heritage cherry 'Birchenhayes'. 

North Devon heritage Mazzard cherry 'Hannaford'


Does it matter?

  • Ah, the complications of using vernacular names!


    It must seem odd to refer to wild cherries in a case like this but it is the scientific name that is important, not the vernacular name. Your cherries are the species Prunus avium which includes all the cultivated sweet cherries (of whatever variety) and the usual vernacular name for this species is wild cherry (there are other, less well-known names). In horticultural terms the variety names are important but for our purposes it does not matter so please enter them as wild cherry.

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