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Oct 22, 2012 3:12 PM

Nasty looking worms - advice wanted

Worms: up to four centimetres long, two thirds 'tail' one third tube like body, translucent/white/brown in colour, can make out fine appendages (hooks at the end of the tail, and hair-like 'legs'). Tails seem to be anchored to the surface of the water, most of the 'heads' disappear into the leaves below the surface.


These worms have come to the surface of a pot which has got filled with water in the recent rains. It had contained a squash which grew until the recent dampness flooded it. The plant had been fertilised with horse manure (which should have been sterile). They look like some images of Whipworm which I have found on the web.




What are they?

Do they pose any danger to humans (esp. children), dogs or horses?

How should I dispose of them?

Is there a risk that the rest of my garden (which had the same manure spread all over it) is contaminated?

Is it necessary to treat the garden and which countermeasures are recommended?

Are there any precautions which should be taken before eating vegetables grown in this garden?


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