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Sep 3, 2012 10:52 AM

Identifying the following larvae/ caterpillar like household pest?

Greetings all, I have just moved into a new student flat in Dundee and am currently waiting to start my second year at university.


Whilst doing a little "moving-in cleaning" to the flat, my flatmate and I discovered what seemed to be larvae on the kitchen floor.


After more concentration, we discovered many more like it around the floor and inside the lower cupboard under the kitchen worktop.

I would say we found around half-a-dozen or so at the time. Over half of these were dead and not moving, we also found many like these larvae but of a lighter colour, not moving, paler and more larger but possibly hollow. Which probably suggests its shedding skin?


Anyway, its been a few days since we made the initial discovery. Since then, we have found these little stragglers on their own on a living room coffee table (the images I provide is of our little friend on this table), on the kitchen worktop and again in a simillar cupboard underneath the kitchen sink.


They seem to be more abundant in the kitchen but has no troubles in climbing? (Although when I did catch one and placed it in a plastic basin, it struggled to climb upwards. Before struggling and drowning when exposed to water.


We think either something's really dead in the kitchen (although we can't smell anything foul) or a food source or they are possibly out looking for food.

The flat was leased to tenants previously under the same landlord, we're looking to have it identified and reported to the landlord agency.


So far, they all seem to be of a similar size, only about 1-2mm in diameter all around, the thickness and diameter of the body does not change. It's length reaching from 4-6mm long.
They appear to have little hairs and are paler on their underside.


Thanks in advance.












Could it be carpet beetle? I'm a little confused, as it appears the larvae on google images vary alot in colour and size.




Scarp all the initial size stuff. Last night I found one really big. It was roughly 15-20mm long, greyish in colour, about 6mm in diameter. But definitely not woodlice. It crawled into a crevice between the floorboard and the skirting board when the flash in my camera went off before I could get a picture.


I can't seem to locate the source. But every room in the flat has crevice between the floorboards and skirting board. It seems the problem just got worse. We do have a carpet in the hallway. The only room which we do have a carpet. The landlords informed us it was newly installed. Coincidence?

I also took some pictures of the shedding skin.





  • I think we have a similar bug in our flat, although I haven't seen any evidence of skin shedding. This bug has many segments - it is difficult to tell just how many as it is covered in fine black hairs. It looks orangey-brown and black, has six segemented legs and appears on walls above the kitchen sink, in the bathroom and above the bed. It is roughly 4-5 mm long and 1.5 mm wide. Its most remarkable behaviour is the fact it uses two bunches of light-coloured hairs on its tail end which fan out to flip itself upright when on its back. It also appears to shy away from bright light. We don't know what it is either.DSC_0240[1].JPGDSC_0245[1].JPG

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