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Oct 7, 2012 3:14 PM

Strange worm-like bug in baby's nursery! Please help identify



I've noticed recently the bugs in the below images in my house. We cleared some things out from under the bed a few months ago, and found around 10 of these little white things that looked like grains of rice, only they were moving! So, naturally - I steam cleaned the carpets in that room, cleaned all furniture etc and thought it was fine.


Now over the past few weeks I have found 2-3 of these just on the WALLS in another room (our babies nursery!). So the last one I saw, I got on a bit of tissue and photographed up close with camera on Macro setting. Someone suggested they may be tapeworms (we have 2 cats) but we regularly worm both of our cats, and plus - how would a tape worm end up on the wall?


They seem to be worm-like creatures with the brown head which they stick out of the furry-white looking 'body' and then kind of pull the rest of themselves along behind them. They are about the same size of a grain of rice.


Can anyone definitley identify them for us and provide any advice or reccomendations? Are they dangerous (considering we found them in baby's nursery?!) How can we get rid of them?


Thanks in advance for any help you can give.







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