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Oct 10, 2012 3:53 PM

my first pests, what are they?

hey guys! im new to not having mother around to sort bugs out for me, i'd like to kno what they are....


i first noticed a few on the bathroom mirror, then i checked other pictures on the walls and found a few behind then/in the frames (no food around there, although my girlfriend says the mirror was mouldy when she brought it. so i banged them out and killed all that i could (id say there wasnt even 30 in the whole bathroom)


then today, while cleaning the cupboards out i saw a few in the cracks in the woodwork, so went on a hunt for them, and in almost every crack i can  find in the kitchen and bathroom, and a few in the front room ive found a few, not like a mega infestation but 1-3 here and there


now about their appearance (let me go find one)


they are 1mm from end to end 1/2 mm wide, appearance wise its a classic beetle shape like rain beetles (but tiiiiny) they are more brown than black, interestingly as im holding it on my finger it looks like its attempting to bite me (or its cowering) but the last one i picked up ran around my hand like an ant does. if i had a camera that could take more than a blur id post a photo. but after looking through all these pages and wikipedia, and every other page that google showed up ive still not seen one like it.


the most interesting thing is ive not found a single one in any food at all, although i did open a bag of spices to put them in  a labeled jar and found it was crawling with little white baby bugs (not sure if they are related).


hope someone can help me, if anyone would be kind enough to post pictures of possible bugs i'll be online often to try to get to the bottom of this!!


take care everyone



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