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Sep 9, 2012 2:52 PM

Help Please my bathroom and kitchen is infested with little black beetles



Please can you help.  My kitchen and bathroom are infested with little black beetles.  They do fly but mainly crawl on the windows and on the kitchen ceiling (but only the window end)


I have attached a pic.


We have thoroughly cleaned the kitchen and bathroom but they still keep coming, both rooms are on the same side of the house and I've checked outside and can't see any obvious way in for them.


If you could identify them and what is attracting them I could remove the attraction and stop using fly killer as I don't like killing things.


Yours hopefully


  • May I ask where in Australia you live?

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      • Sorry - didn't mean to offend you, but the questions to this forum are quite international, and one never knows what part of the world we are talking about (see for instance this link). When it comes to the beetle, it is quite hard to tell from the image exactly what it is - but, thanks to Lewis, I at least can see some detail (I have no image processing program on this computer installed yet - had a crash a time ago and have been to occupied or too lazy to install one yet). One detail that I can see is that it is dead, and that it also seems have lost some parts that are helpful in identification - like antennae (at least I can't discern them). But, I'll take a shot based on the protruding upper edge of the pronotum and suppose that it belongs in Anobiidae - a.k.a. "wood boring beetles". Thus I ask you once again where you live - do you live in a (at least partly) wooden house? If so, you should check for tiny holes in the woodwork. It can also be in wooden furniture - if you have a recently achieved piece of furniture, that might be the source. A photo af a living animal taken from above (i.e. showing its back - and antennae!) would be helpful. Compare this image.

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  • I think Episophagus was aluding to the fact that there are small black beetles all over the World and it helps to know where the poster lives. He's a good beetle man though.




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