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Sep 9, 2012 12:16 AM

More Garden Dragon IDs please??

Hello All,


Following my last post with a Dragonfly and Damselfly which both turned out to be completely different types than I had ID'd I thought that Someone should confirm or correct my ID on a couple of others!!??.... I'm really am still learning with this 'bug' ID lark and as I'm trying to photograph and log every single species that I find in my garden I feel some expert advice is the only way to go!!!......


1. Ruddy Darter??....or maybe Yellow Winged Darter??....



2. UMMM?? Common Darter?????....

Common Darter (5).JPG

Common Darter (6).JPG




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    Sep 9, 2012 1:24 AM (in response to Higgy)
    Re: More Garden Dragon IDs please??

    On 2. UMM I would say Sympetrum striolatum or S. vulgatum - but as the former is much commoner in Britain (it's rather the opposite here in Sweden) I'd go for that one. British vernacular names? No idea, they are as confusing as French engines!

    Number 1 can't be a S. sanguineum as the legs are not all black. The veins in the wings look red to me, and with the pattern on the side of the thorax, i suspect that it can be a S. fonscolombei - a species of which I have no experience.

    The other two looks quite female, and quite Sympetrum-ish.


    But the experts will correct me immediately - I reply just so that you'll surely be answered correctly as soon as possible.

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    Sep 9, 2012 11:02 AM (in response to Higgy)
    Re: More Garden Dragon IDs please??

    Hi Higgy,


    These are both Common Darters, the first 2 pictures male and the second female. The thorax of a male Ruddy Darter would be all one colour (brown), on your picture you can see it looks like 2 pale stripes with a center darker stripe, other things to look out for to tell them apart is that a Ruddy Darter has a more club tip to the abdomen and black legs, and a bit subjective but a Ruddy Darter is really bright red, when you see them together the Common Darter looks dull!

    A Yellow winged darter would have a larger patch of yellow on the wings (the picture of one below is from British Dragonflies). The Yellow winged darter is also an immigrant species and has not established large colonies although that's not to say you wouldn't see one.


    Hope this helps, I love recording in my garden too, you may already do so but your records will be of interest to the various recording schemes if you get chance to send them,



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