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Aug 23, 2012 5:22 PM

Help needed to identify this pond snail please

Hi all,


I have this pond at the back of my garden that I keep goldfish in, and recently I got some pond snails to put in it.

The two species of pond snail that I introduced to the pond are the Great pond snail, Lymnaea stagnalis, and the Great Ramshorn, Planorbarius corneus, both species have had babies and I also keep some of them in indoor tanks as pets to breed from.


However, today, I have found an unusaul pond snail on the edge of the pond (photo can be seen below). It doesn't really look like any of the babies I have had previously indoors or out, as it has these odd kind of white yellow stripes across its front whorl which aren't as clear in the photo as they seem to show better when the shell has dried a little. The other unusual thing is because the shell size looks too short for the great pond snail but of course has a point to it unlike the great ramshorn and infact it looks a bit like the shell of the Wandering snail, Lymnaea peregra. Then lastly, its tentacles are long and thin, like hairs, which is like the Planorbarius family and not the flat and broad like the Lymnaea family.


So at the moment I am a bit stumped and think its more likely to be the great pond snail but just wanted to check it wasn't like a cross breed of the two snails or something. Also the snail's flesh is more of a lighter grey colour like the Wandering snail and not the Great Pond and Ramshorns.


Thanks for any help




p.s I can take more photos if need be but I don't think they will get any better than this one


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