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Oct 29, 2011 7:18 PM

Nightmare tiny kitchen mites, Need help with identification.

Hi guys, ive been having an on growing battle with mites in my kitchen for the last few month and would like your advice.


A few month ago, I pulled a glass out of my top cupboard and saw white specs on the inside and outside, assuming it was just dust i washed the glass out and carried on with my life, this happened a few times and i thought nothing of it until i saw one of the specs moving! shocked, i pulled everything out of the cupboards and found the little gits EVERYWHERE, literally in there thousands. none of them are bigger than a grain of salt/sugar. the back of the cupboard door was covered in a brown dust which  believe are eggs??


assuming they were living on an open packet of rice, flour, spices or something. i threw out all open food and purchased tupaware boxes for all open foods from now on. i washed all the cupboards and surrounding area with bleach before cleaning and putting everything back.


within two days i was in the same situation. thousands of little white bugs all over the kitchen. ive been regularly cleaning the whole kitchen top to bottom (walls, floors, surfaces cupboards etc..) every two weeks for the last two months but nothing is making a difference. i cant leave anything on any surface for more than a few minutes without it picking up a few bugs.


these buggs are in areas with no imediate food source, they dont mind crewling all over fabrics, glass, plastics. even open bottles of vinegar and bleach! these things are doing my head in!


attempting to identify the mites has been hard and no common mite appears to fit there description entirely.

as far as i can tell they have almost no head, a round body and two spikes protruding from there behind. ive tried to take some photos but the camera quality isn't brilliant.


i would greatly apreciate your advice on how to tackle this problem. is there any bug killer aerosols i can use that are safe for the kitchen? is there anything they don't like in terms of surfaces or smells/chemicals?


ive dumped some photos in a photobucket @




  • It is hard to tell what it is from your images. In high magnification a flour mite looks like this:


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  • Just as a matter of interest, does anyone in your house go fishing? The reason I ask is that a few years ago I had an infestation of flour mites and eventually tracked down the source to an opened container of fishing bait (Trout Pellets) that I had stored in a cardboard box. Once they were removed, the mites cleared up within a week and all was well, except for the grief I was still receiving from my wife for storing the bait in the first place.

    My point is, they don't necessarily have to come from Flour per se. Seek out the source and remove it and your problem should resolve itself. Despite their diminutive size these rascals can travel a fair distance.

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  • Hi

    I was pleased to find your question because i have EXACTLY the same problem and bizaarly it was a wine glass that i first found them on!

    I have bleached, cleaned,even sprayed insecticide in cupboards, thrown all food away except a couple of tins which have been washed and sprayed and sitting on kitchen table on other side of kitchen as this seems to be the only bug free area.

    Its driving me insane as just cant get rid of them. We are living on take aways as i cant bear to use anything from kitchen. i have even bought paper plates and plastic forks to use!

    I am really hoping you managed to find a solution and could let me know.

    You may not check this site anymore as it was a while ago that you wrote your post. But i will keep fingers crossed. 

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    • All I can say is, they have to be feeding on something around your home.

      I first saw the mites in my home on the headboard of the bed. I cleared the visible ones and as you would expect, they returned. I decided to change the mattress in case it was the cause of the infestation. In doing so I saw one of those plastic storage containers under the bed, that I had placed a bag of opened trout pellets in, 12 months earlier. It was alive with the mites.


      Once you discover the source you will be in no doubt, it will be infested with the mites.


      You just have to find their food source.






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    • look at my website I created to help with this.

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  • Ive created a website about my problem

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