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Aug 15, 2012 4:11 PM

Please help identify tree and the disease it's contracted this week!



We have this beautiful broad leaved tree in our garden that's doubled in size in the last 6 years and has looked to be quite healthy. We've never been able to determine precisely what it is. I've only seen one other tree like it in Milton Keynes.


But this week we noticed some of it's leaves were beginning to look weary then quickly they've lost their colour and begun to shrivel up. I can see the signs of deterioration showing on other leaves too while most leaves are still healthy.


I fear it may have contracted a disease. We are desperate to identify the cause and take any actions we can to protect and keep this tree in good health.


I've attached pictures to show the tree with close ups of the symptoms.

  • Hi

    Its a Indian Bean Tree Sorry I do not know what it is suffering from



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      • Hi,

        I'm sorry to say but I think your Catalpa might have a Verticillium infection. There is some information about the disease and some advice about controlling it here.


        It is a lovely tree I hope you can save it...



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          • Hi Sorry to see you are suffering from something serious, must be your bad weather but the tree is very easily propagated from seed Ok I live in warmer climates but from seed I can grow  a 18 foot tree in 4 years Here we cut them back at least half or more each year so a little pruning will not upset it It will probably have more gusto next year as a consequence



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          • Hi Mo,


            the info in the link suggests that fungicides, even when used systemically and applied as a soil drench, are not an effective means of control when dealing with established trees. Apart from anything else you risk killing off beneficial fungi in the soil which have formed mycorrhizal associations with your tree and may be helping your tree survive...


            I'd concentrate on the the TLC to combat the infection.


            Be sure to sterlise any tools before and after each use when pruning!

            I hope all goes well.



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              • I have seen other people and the local Marie cut them back almost  to the trunk   I try and keep the tree in an umbrella shape when the offending  branch is vertical cutting it back to fork in the right direction Others I reduce by 2/3

                If its a fresh shoot going in the right direction often just snipping off the tip



                PS twas 46 degrees today

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