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May 28, 2012 4:15 PM

Why can no one identify this fly?

So today I was in my room when this insect flew in and scared the life out of me. I have never seen it before and am so curious as to what it is. I have captured it in a plastic container with air holes and before any one tells me I am evil and cruel and horrible i'm going to set it free when I find out what it is lol


The insect has:


- 2 large wings

- 6 red legs with black tips

- A long black thin body with yellow stripes

- And what appears to be a stinger trailing behind the body



Lol I know this is a bit weird but i'm bored and its a really pretty fly X) I live just outside of London if that helps, which is where I found the fly. Its also quite large around an inch i'd say, also should I be afraid of its stinger?


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