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Jul 25, 2012 3:56 PM

Unusual 'infestation' - possibly moth?

Hi there,


I've just moved house and found a very unusual fly/moth type insect infesting my hallway. I'm no insect expert, but i can usually distinguish a insect type - this has me baffled, though, and i would like to know if it is a native insect or not. I live in a very multi-cultural area of the UK, with neighbours from every country you can think of. Recently a foreign caterpillar was found around the corner from my new house and it bred like the clappers - totally ruined the local park!


Anyway, i'm struggling to get a photo - i haven't finished unpacking so i can't find my camera, and my Blackberry is truly pants, so i'll upload what i have, and describe as best i can. Currently there's about 30 of then on my hallway ceiling near the window, which is the old polystyrene tile type. They are still and unmoving, hence why i figured they may be moths. I also haven't seen them come in during the day, or noticed them before this morning, so i suspect them came in during the evening - it's hot and i've left the window open.


The actual insect is about 1cm in length, and appears to be about 2-4mm almost tubular bodies that point up ever so slightly at the tail, and the tail has what looks like a black dot on the end. They are grey-silver in colour, i'm presuming they are winged (they look like they are). The sides of the bodies appear to have a symmetrical pattern of the tiniest black dots (in 3 or 4 lines down each side) i've ever seen. The front legs are quite prominent, the back legs appear to be hidden under the body/wings, so i have no idea how many legs they have.


I've just never come across an insect like this before, and as i have a phobia of most insects, it's kind of freaking me out a bit!!


Thanks in advance for any help or insight you can give me,




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