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May 23, 2012 11:29 PM

Strange spider found by my housemate

Hey, about 20 minutes ago my housemate found a really strange looking spider. We are a household with two biology students, including myself, so naturally we wanted to capture the awesome spider and try to identify it. Unfortunately one of my other housemates is seriously arachnaphobic so the top priority was the removal of the offending specimen immediately from the premises! However I did get to have quite a good look at the spider.


It was approximately 2-3cm in length, with a particularly long prominent looking telson and a long thin abdomen which curled over. In some ways it didn't fully resemble a spider. So far the closest that we have been able to come to identification was somewhere rather worryingly between a huntsman spider and a bark sac spider.
The abdomen was flat, chelicerae were shockingly obvious (I have  only ever seen a spider as 'scary looking' as this in Africa before...) The legs were long but not quite as widespread, splayed and long as that of a huntsman (I'm sorry but the huntsman spider is my closest port of reference at the moment!)The spider was slighly stripy, a dark brown and paler brown pattern and the telson was a creamy light colour. What was most striking about it was the way that the abdomen folded over! To be honest at first I had an overtired mad moment of wondering if I was looking at some sort of scorpion!


My bet is that it's some sort of housespider that I've just never seen before! Though it had just walked in through our open patio doors...


I should also mention that we live in Surrey.



Yeah, so any help in identifying this weird little darling would be greatly appreciated. I am very sad that we had to remove it too quickly to photograph it or compare it to anything, but Lizzie was standing on the sofa sobbing and screaming and we didn't want to extend her torture!





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