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May 19, 2012 7:01 AM

2.5 cm leaf-shaped green-color Caterpillar .. butterfly's ?

While packing to go back from a picnic at a river (sri aman sarawak, borneo island),

my spouce pointed it to me, and said hey look at this cute green caterpillar.

Since it was on a stone, few inches from water, and nearest bush was 4-5 feet away,

i replied, it could not be caterpillar. Must be some sort of mutated slug or leech.

Ha ha ha ! I picked it up and bring back home for closer examination.

Only after i turned it upside down .. i realised it is a caterpillar, and probably drop down from the branches of tree over the river.

I saw 4-5 small (3 cm) yellow butterflies feeding on sand nearby. And i presumed it is theirs.

But then, there were tons of other insects in that jungle too !


Length about 2.5 cm.

Am i correct to say it is a "butterfly" caterpillar ?







  • This one is a bit tricky because I find a picture of something similar looking and I type the Family into google images and a hundred different things pop up!! haha. Crowned slug moth (Isa textula) was the closest I got.. though this species has longer more bushy 'fronds' and 2 distinct pale lines running down its back. I know some caterpillars 'mature' their appearance as they grow, go green to brown etc. so this could be a younger version.


    I hope someone else can get closer.. good luck!


    p.s. I am also seeing 'stinging' slug moth and the Family name Lexius. Though these also have longer 'spines' which look more seperated. I'm not being much help here am I?? 

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