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May 18, 2012 1:08 PM

Help to ID this bug?

Hi there,


Our flat in London is being overtaken by these fellas - sorry about the poor quality picture but we haven't got a better camera. We've found about 20 of these bugs in the last few days, they're about 1.5cm long (but varying), mostly found sitting on a wall in a dark staircase but also crawling round in other parts of the flat. They mostly crawl quite slowly and seem pretty docile, though one of them surprised us by opening its wings and flying for a foot or two. That's the only time we've seen one fly, which I guess means they have wings!


As you can see, the bugs are almost orange in colour, with light brown and going to darker brown towards the eges.


We're a bit worried about our flat being taken over by these monsters and any germs they might be carrying around. Can anyone help??


Many thanks



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    May 28, 2014 1:33 PM (in response to Sofa)
    Re: Help to ID this bug?

    Edit 28 May 2014: wrong ID - see below.



    It's a "blood-sucker", although it doesn't feed on blood at all. They feed on flowers. I think the species is Rhagonycha fulva, and is also known as "soldier beetle".

    I hope this helps.




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        May 28, 2014 1:30 PM (in response to Sofa)
        Re: Help to ID this bug?

        Hello again,

        I'm coming back to this two years later to make a correction. I have mistakengly identified this as the soldier beetle Rhagonycha fulva. Today I've learned that although it has the same general colour, this is in fact a Wharf Borer, Nacerdes melanura. The adults appearing in a house must come out of some wood objects where the larvae have survived perhaps for years.

        I'm sorry I was wrong two years ago and I apologise for any trouble caused by my mistake.

        Best wishes,


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