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Feb 24, 2012 4:10 PM

Can you help Identify this spider?





Hi, Please could you help identify this spider for me - I have a caravan full of them in the UK.  They have a really sticky mass-like messy web, and their egg sacks are like small balls of cotton wool.

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    Feb 24, 2012 5:40 PM (in response to LMarie)
    Re: Can you help Identify this spider?
    Why it's our old friend Steatoda nobilis, the most notorious of our six False Widow species. It's been in the news again this week so have a search on this site for info and previous postings. It is not as bad as its reputation suggests but not the kind of wildlife you want in your caravan. Best thing to do would be to carefully catch the blighters in a jam jar one by one and release outside. Clean the webs and any egg sacks out too - sounds like the van could go with a bit of a spruce up
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        Feb 27, 2012 8:48 AM (in response to LMarie)
        Re: Can you help Identify this spider?

        Hmmm .... although this species is now common in the southern counties Devon, Dorset and Hampshire coasts where it first established itself remain 'hotspots' where it appears to be more numerous. You see these spiders love this coastal climate with the warn Gulf air too. All I can suggest is that you have a regular inspection in and around the caravan several times a year and disturb them and their webs as often as you can. This will help reduce their number but they will continue to return as they will be found in and around all other caravans and the general area. Entry into the caravan will probably be via the air vents that are built in (and should not be blocked for reasons of health & safety) and egg sacks are likely to be constructed between the outer and inner skins of the van and hence inaccessible.


        There is no miracle cure I am afraid - this is a spider that we will have to get used to rubbing along with.

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