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Feb 13, 2010 9:19 AM

What do you think the Earth would be like if dinosaurs hadn't been extinct?

I am absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs


I have always been fascinated to see what other people think about dinosaurs. I would love you to post your views about this question.


I would also like you to post your favourite type of dinosaur and why it is your favourite


Would the Earth be hell alive?


Would the Earth be exciting?


Are there such things as nice dinosaurs?


Would we  just get eaten?


Would life be better?


Would life never be the same again

  • I think that we would all be eaten.

    Or mabye we would have them as pets.

    Who knoows?

    I think your blog was verry interesting!!

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  • i think that it would either be completely destroyed or we could keep them in zoos for tourists?????

    If only they weren't and we would be able to find out......or maybe we don't want to find out....

    Anyhow dinosaurs are cool.


    P.S I would let the vegetarian ones run free,though they might eat all plants and destroy all roads/cars/buildings,and hold the carnivarous ones in a large open space separately in captivity!

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  • I think the human race and most other species today would not had evolved but there would be so many other creatures instead. I see this as a good thing because then humans would had never caused Global Warming and Climate Change and stuff. It would probably mean life would be more flamboyant and the earth wold be healthier.

    (Although I'm glad they are extinct because otherwise I wouldn't exist and that would suck.)



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  • The world would be a mad house if Dinosaurs had not of been extinct.Becuase the people would have to KILL ALL DINOSAURS becuase of the mess they make and killing people.

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  • We would not exist like we do now.


    In Jurrasic Park 2 or 3 the scientist guy (can't remember his name off hand) states that had they not become extinct then the Velociraptor would be the apex predator, rather than humans.


    We would not change, we would remain as small burrowing mammals, like we were all-throughout the dinosaur period, shadows of the pre-dinosaurian Synapsids.


    (See Synapsid page on wikipedia for more info)

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  • I think we wouldn't have evolved, because I did this when we were doing plays in year 3 with the theme of "What would happen if" and our teacher said humans and dinosaurs living together would be impossible.

    Hopefully this is helpful,


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  • It is most likely that humans would not have evolved at all. The current consensus is that we evolved from the small mammals that lived at the time of the dinosaurs such as a species called Eomaia. If dinosaurs had remained as the apex land creatures, then there would be no room for the evolution of these mammals into any current form of recognised mammal. Most of the remaining mamals would be no bigger than a wolf.

    Earth would most probably be ruled by creatures that resembled dinosaurs but were mch more adapted to a world of flowering plants and different diets.

    It is also good to remember that many of the environmental changes that occured after the dinosaurs was due to the Cretaceous-Paleogene Extinction event and this has affected the evolution of certain mammals into what they are now. An example being the wolly mammoth- would it have evolved in the way it did if there had been no ice age.

    In answer to your other question, it is probable that dinosaurs and humans, if they ever did meet, would get along fine. I would hope that any human who met a dinosaur would have the sense to turn and run in the other direction if it was a carnivore. But most of the dinosaurs that existed were herbivore. It seems like there are so many carnivores due to their reputation in film and television, but also because they would be the dinosaurs that are best preserved. If a herbivore dies it will probably be eaten and so will not fossilize. However an active carnivore will instinctivley go to the most secure place it can to avoid competition and its corpse is more likely to remain undisturbed. Furthermore, it will recieve grater noteriority from the press etc as they are more interesting to print, and you will hear about them more. There were definitely noce dinosaurs and some such as Miasaura definitely exhibited signs of maternal care and docility. They were probably the same docitlity as a common cow. Even predators could be nice and docile when not hunting.

    I hope I have answered as fully as possible, keep up this passion about dinosaurs and continue to research as much as possible. It only gets more and more fascinating.

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