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Feb 10, 2010 12:14 PM

Whats your favourite animal? Tell us about it.

Choosing your favourite animal is an extremely hard choice in most cases, mine changes daily, but if you have a favourite animal tell us about it!
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Charles Darwin Fan x

  • Hi,

    my favourite animal is a Dog

    because they are soooooo cute and friendly and fluffy and they are a great companion.

    But unfortunately I don't have one .

    If I get a dog it would be a.....urr......hmmm......some kind of terrier, probably a Yorkshire terrier or a border terrier.

    What is your favourite animal today CharlesDarwinFan?


    from loinessandcub

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  • mmmmmm........ not sure- maybe horse or tortoise

    to look at is emporer tamirins though!!!

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  • I love cats. Cos of their cute little paws and their georgous eyes. Aaah!

    I am lucky to have one. He's so cute.


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  • I personally love all creatures great and small.

    They are all equally fandabidosy!

    (ok-maybe dophins,dogs or other cute animals!)...........don't tell anyone!

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  • I don't really have a favourite animal, sometimes I'll be obsessed with one animal then obsessed with another. But I have always loved Venus Flytraps, but that's a plant sooooooooooo...

    At the moment I think that armadillos are pretty awesome because they role up and stuff (that is pretty bad reasoning)

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  • hey

    My fav animal has got to be a dolphin, adele penguin or a marmoset becausee dolphins are cute and graceful( once i swam with them in portugal) adele penguins because theyre just small and cute and mrmosets coz theyre smaller and cute

    Emily 7 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    P.S sorry if thats not enough info xxx

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  • Its two days after my other posting and now I love foxes because they're so sly and cunning which makes them pretty awsome.

    (Armadillos are still cool too though)

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  • my favourite animal is probably a giraffe or dog. Giraffes have long necks in order to reach the tree. Baby giraffes are about the size of an average10 to 12 year old. I like giraffes because my parents used to call me josie giraffe. I then studied them and have been interested in them ever since.
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  • I love beetles because of the way they have iridescent carapaces, but I also love dogs because of the way they bond with you
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  • My favourite animal is a cheetah because its gots lots of yellow, and because it is the fastest cat. It can run a 100km per hour. And on the yellow body is lots of spots. It isn't faster than a Peregrine Falcon though.. It is a very fast hunter, it loves antelopes and other small animals. It lives in Africa. Africa is a very hot country with sand, a very big desert across. It doesn't get much rain on the land that is desert.
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  • Seotter  this is  very  clever animal . which causes  interest in many fans of the wild nature
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  • My favorite animal changes all the time but one that never changes is a horse. I go horse riding and I usally ride a horse called Cathrise. She's really cute

    but because she's so old she's REALLY lazy.

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  • My fave animal is probably an Osprey because i saw one last summer on the Beaulieu river (whilst it was migrating to Africa) and it dived in and caught a bass, massive splash but a really stunning bird and very adapted to its lifestyle.
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  • Cats.... No questions asked they rock!!!


    I have 3 beautiful cat called Chloe, Decks and Mindy....


    There puurrrfect in every way Chloe is very calm, loves to meow and she is also chubby *though I wish she wan't for health reasons*.... Decks is very scared when we adopted him from the animal shelter he was so small you couldn't feel him if he was on you and he hid behind our chairs for 2 days only coming out every now-and-then... now his a year he love us but is hides if there are people in the house he doesn't know...... And then there is Mindy, she is our youngest we fostered her a year after we got Chloe and Decks she was up a 30ft tree for two days before she was brought to the shelter we got her from.... little did we know this little 10 week old kitten got her self up their she if force of her own she is always up to something she has no fear of anything cars, dogs, people ect... I hate letting her out because she is to friendly and though she is now nearly a year she still is so small.... for example when we first let her after the she had been spay she clumbed my neighbors tree 6 time every time we got her down she got back, the other day a kid knocked on our door holding her asking is she was our cat.. turns out she was sitting on our window ledge attacking every cat that walked into our frount garden and a boy coming home from school walked up to her and started to strock when he was leaving she decided to follow him home so he had to bring her back... on christmas she decided to eat the string of a yoyo out of a xmas cracker so I had to rush her to the vets to be xrayed thankful it looked ok and she poop it out fine... but I love And would never give her up she started of as a foster kitten then we adopted her Decks was happy as he could play with her * however mindy doesn't know when to stop she beats the crap out of Decks* and he loves other cats chloe tolerates her something they play and get along sometimes they don't but most of the time they ignore each other as Chloe is a people cat


    Though Chloe put on weight because of Mindy as Mindy rules the house where it use to be Chloe so she won't eat till mindy is done and she eats everything that was left *now she is on a speical diet*


    cats re my fav as they are independent tey don't have owners the have slave, there easy to take care of and most cats are not bothered if you don't have the time to stroke them they happy a garden to run, YOUR bed not theirs, food and water. We would't have these beautiful cats today if it wasn't for my Fluffy *our old cat who died a year before we got Chloe and Decks* our semi-feral cat that we got when I was two he use to tear us to shreads on a day basis. He was always grumpy I couldn't walk up the stairs without him going for me, but, I loved him so much.... He was never just a cat he was part of our family he could scratch and attack us as much as he wanted if it made him happy I didn't care cuts heal but the whole left behind when he die won't..... but thanks to him I work in an animal shelter and we gave a home to 3 cats


    her they are from right to left: Fluffy our semi-feral *he passed 2 years ago*, Chloe, Decks and Mindy

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  • My favorite animal is the komodo dragon, it's average length is about 2 metres, it lives on the komodo islands, it hasnt got venum but it has a potent spit, it normaly lays 6-20 eggs.
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  • my favourite animal is the siberian hamster as it is really small, fluffy and has a tiny pink blob as its nose
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  • I like many animals, but my favorites are Elephants and Bears.

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      Oct 15, 2012 8:11 PM (in response to SameerExtinct)
      Re: Whats your favourite animal? Tell us about it.

      I think water bears (Tardigradae) are amazing.

      When the place where they are living goes dry, they curl up and virtually all their systems shut down.

      They have also been proven some of the most resistant animals.

      They can survive a bath in a tub of liquid nitrogen, exposed to a degree of radiation millions of times more than normal levels and temperatures verging on absolute zero.

      But best of all, NASA made an experiment by taking water bears into space, and some of them survived.

      And to think that that these creatures can be "brought back to life" with a single drop of water.


      P.S. I know this may sound like a jokre but look it up if you want and you'll see for yourself.

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  • Cats and Giraffes because:

    Giraffes have the same number of bones in it's neck as humans do

    Cats have scent glands in their necks

    A giraffes have either black or blue necks

    My favourite fact:

    However you throw a cat, it will always land on its feet! (No, I haven't tried)

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