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Jan 20, 2012 10:56 AM

Trying to identify rapidly-muliplying insect (beetle?)



I started to find some small bettle-like insects around my house, about 1mm long.  They are quite lethargic.  Most look like they could be dead until you look more closely.  The ones that do move do so slowly.  Here's a picture of a single insect which was definately alive:



Two weeks later, there must have been at least one hatching because there are a lot more around now.  While I was trying to find where the might be coming from (and vacuuming them up) I found some large dead groups like this:



This picture is the first time I've seen any evidence of wings, which I guess might confirm they are beetles.


I'm fairly sure they don't bite humans as I am normally the first to notice such things.  There are no other invited species in the household, so I presume they're not relying on blood of any type as a food source.  They seem to gather on the laminate floor beneath any objects placed opon it.  Now that they're getting more numerous, I'm also finding them scattered across the open floor.


I'd welcome any help with identification.  Hopefully this will make it easier to move on to working out how to evict this family from my house.

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