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Dec 15, 2011 1:50 PM

In times of austerity, how can we afford to go green?

In the past year I've had my pay frozen, we're told the economy is in a mess and that worse is to come. At this point, when there's no spare cash, should we really be focusing our limited resources on going green?
  • We can. But mainly not as is currently being suggested and done.


    As individuals, there is much to be saved by the "green" ways that we are able to use energy. E.g. All the little things that combine to reduce our costs - Insulating homes, not wasting water (particularly hot water), adopting a fuel-saving driving style, recycling materials, etc.


    However, as a nation we should be reviving our coal industry, as the basis not only for our main energy source (we are supposed to be sitting on several hundreds of years of coal reserves), but also to redevelop our manufacturing industries. Refining coal can provide us with a smokeless solid fuel, and combustible gases and liquids. Plus from coal there is a multitude of useful products for industrial raw materials (similar to those provided by oil). There should be no need to risk the lives of miners underground - we already have the technological capability to be able to mine coal by using robots, controlled by human miners at the surface.


    If you believe the AGW propanganda, we would need to develop technology for carbon dioxide capture but, in the short term, we could burn the coke and clean gases in power stations like those we have now, because our contribution to world CO2 would be comparable with current emissions - i.e.  miniscule - and falling because of efficiencies we can make in the use of electricity.


    But in any case, in my view,  rather than wasting  our limited financial resources on such things as inefficient (combustible!) wind farms,  they would be much better used on researching and developing this more productive, employment and wealth-creating, scenario. It should be possible to find and implement solutions around coal relatively quickly.

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