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Oct 27, 2011 11:12 AM

Answered - Can anyone identify if this is a Fossil or just a piece of  mis-shaped flint

I found this item on the beach recently (along with a fossilised sea urchin) and am unsure if it is just a piece of flint or if it is a fossilised tooth/claw/other.


It appears to be "jointed" or have layers to it, with the front claw-like part being 2 inches long and about an inch wide near the top, and the top of this bit tapers inwards when looked at above. Width wise it is just over an inch long and nearly 2 inches at its thickest part and again tapering to the front.

The middle "jointed" part is about an inch.


It was difficult to photo showing the ridge but any help one way or the other appreciated.


Fossils 1.jpg

  • Hi there,


    Is the sea urchin fossil you refer to the one on the left of the picture? This is indeed a very worn echinoid, and looks like it may be something like Echinocorys scutata.


    The other specimen I'm afraid is just a flint nodule and not a fossil. The "joins" that you mention I think are just fractures in the flint - you can see the darker flint around them indicating a recent break that has yet to become as discoloured as the rest of the flint. I'm afraid the curved shape is just coincidental, and as you know, you do get flint nodules in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You don't really find bones in flint, because of the way it was formed from a silica gel in the deep chalk sea.


    Hope this helps,



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