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Oct 12, 2011 8:28 PM

Can you please id a spider that bit me in a loft?

Hi.  I spend a lot of my time dodging spiders in lofts for my job.  Mostly I'm successful. Today I was in a Victorian loft in Brighton, all was fine, came downstairs to talk to the customer and had severe itching in my bra department, which I obviously didn't investigate there and then.  About 10 mins later got into my car and had a good look.  A raised bump around 3mm wide, with red and white blotching spreading about 4cm.  And I found a tiny, and I mean TINY little dead spider in there too.  The abdomen was white/cream colour, about 3mm wide, with fairly long black legs compared with the body, about 8mm long, and then curled around the abdomen as it was dead by then.  4 hours later, the bite is still itchy, but the redness has receded to about 1cm across.  Have been reading forums and am feeling a bit dizzy, but I think this is more to do with forum content than delayed reaction.  Any advice on the species would be welcome, as well as a prognosis over whether I 'll be alive come morning time!  Thanks very much.  Sorry didn't take picture as flicked it off fast in fear (might still be on the floor in my car if any use to photograph?). 

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