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Aug 17, 2011 11:59 AM

Answered afap - lower jaw bone identification.. possibly fossilised teeth?

I found this on Crosby beach in Liverpool.. I think maybe it's from a cow.. or bison..

The surface of the teeth are almost wavy, similar to photographs of bison teeth I've seen.

I'm wondering if the teeth are fossilised too.. as they're completely black.

The whole bone measures 26cm long, but there is a clear break at one end..


Any ideas would be much appreciated!

  • Hi, yes definately bovid - the cattle family.  This is a right side mandible (jawbone) of a still growing animal - the tooth with 3 points is a deciduous (baby 'milk' tooth) and you can see the one in front is only half erupted too.  The colour comes from burial in soil/mud/clay with a lack of oxygen.  It could just be very old domestic cattle but more excitingly it might be an aurochs (the ancient extinct wild cattle) - I have seen quite a lot of aurochsen bones that wash up like this.
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