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Jul 29, 2011 5:38 PM

Sand dune plants, identify please?

These were photographed during a walk through sand dunes. 

The pics came out the opposite order in which I attached them, so read comments from bottom up!


The bottom one looks like a parasitic species to me, some kind of broomrape, (Orobanche)?  It was sticking straight up out of the sand, not far fromn the path.  It was about 10-12 cm tall if I remember (will have to take a tape measure on walks!)  There were other plants nearby but have no idea which it might be infesting.


The next two look like species of stock.  I think the first is Matthiola sinuata, it was fairly tall and robust (a foot high or more); and the seed pods were long, wavy and stuck out at odd angles.  The yellow one was much smaller and more slender.


The top one must be one of the Umbelliferae, but I haven't been able to find it.  Sorry it isn't very clear, and shows no leaves, but I was more interested in the beetle at the time (please identify that as well if you can!)


If anyone knows of a good online picture key of seashore plants I would be grateful.  The only identification guide I have is my trusty Keble Martin, but  often find it difficult to find a plant that resembles the one found - especially as Botany is my weakest subject.

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    Aug 3, 2011 4:04 PM (in response to Drosophila)
    Re: Sand dune plants, identify please?



    The Yellow Brassica is most likely Hoary Mustard (Hirschfeldia incana) but it's difficut to tell from the picture. You correctly identified Matthiola sinuata, it is a very rare plant in GB. I'm currently studying it for my MSc dissertation so it would be really helpful to me if you could let me know the location of the one you found please? also did you notice any others (rosettes maybe)?

    Also, the last one is a broomrape. The umbel is probably wild carrot - I see it quite often in the dunes around Swansea.



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