Information for teachers, parents and guardians

NaturePlus is part of the Natural History Museum website. You can use NaturePlus to read and comment on blogs and forums, subscribe to email updates and to join natural history interest groups.

Anyone can browse NaturePlus but in order to comment or participate in discussion you need to create an account.

We hope that you and your children will enjoy NaturePlus and become regular contributors. However, we have the following advice on using NaturePlus safely. This is based on the government’s recommendations, for more information please visit the Keeping your children safe online section of the UK government’s Directgov website.

Children 11 years or under

We do not allow children 11 years or under to register their own NaturePlus account. If your child is in this age group they can still use NaturePlus but we recommend you create an account for yourself and allow them to use your account under supervision.

Children 12 years and above

We think it is appropriate for children 12 years and above to use NaturePlus without their parent’s written consent. This is because of the way we keep personal information private, how we moderate the content and the uncontroversial nature of our content.

However, if your child has created a NaturePlus account and you would like their account to be closed please contact us. If you have any concerns or have had any problems with NaturePlus please let us know by emailing us the details of your concerns or issues.

Personal information

We keep your personal information private. This includes all personal information submitted as part of your NaturePlus registration, and information created and sent to NaturePlus during a visit to the Natural History Museum, such as content collected using your NaturePlus card. We will not share this with anyone other than you as the individual registered NaturePlus user.

During registration we ask for your email address. Your email address will only be used to contact you about your account or to send you updates about areas of NaturePlus you have chosen to subscribe to. Email addresses will not be visible to other users of NaturePlus.

If your child, or a child in your care, uses NaturePlus please make sure you have advised them on how to keep their personal information safe. As a general guide they should not provide any form of information which can be used to identify them such as their personal email address, telephone number, name, age or where they live.

All the services we offer as part of NaturePlus are in the public domain and accessible to all users of NaturePlus. You cannot privately contact or have a personal conversation with another NaturePlus user.

Contact us

If you have any concerns or have had any problems with NaturePlus please let us know by emailing us the details of your concerns or issues.

Contact us

Having problems with NaturePlus? Please let us know by sending an email to NaturePlus.