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Whale, dolphin and porpoise strandings

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Thorpness porpoise

Posted by Strandings Officer Aug 8, 2011
Massive thankyou to Tim Kenny for reporting a harbour porpoise to us that had stranded at Thorpness in Suffolk. Sadly due to a mix of vets on holiday/being exusted from the pilot whales in Scotland and no space in the fridge or freezer, we were unable to collect this little guy for post mortem.

2 Suffolk strandings

Posted by Strandings Officer Jul 13, 2011

Two animals found at the same time in Felixstow, Suffolk this week.


SW2011/258 was a dolphin although due to it's decomposed state it is impossible to identify the species any further then possible common/striped.


SW2011/259 was a harbour porpoise, also very decomposed.




Thanks to David for the report!