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Mar 28, 2014 NHM Life Science Seminar: Geometric morphometrics analyses of bee fossils wing shape provide insights to bee evolution (Hymenoptera: Anthophila)
Denis Michez,  University of Mons, Belgium   Wednesday 2 April 11:00   Sir Neil Chalmers seminar room, Darwin Centre LG16 (below Attenborough studio)   Bees (Anthophila) are one of the major groups of angiosperm-pollinating
Mar 27, 2014 Wildlife Garden springs into action
See what's bursting into life and who's out and about in the Museum's Wildlife Garden in our spring photo gallery below. Everyone who works behind the scenes in the Wildlife Garden team, including some very shaggy helpers, is busy getting the meadows,...
Mar 17, 2014 A whopping private collection...yet something is still missing
In the last few posts of my blog I have been talking about the Museum’s holdings of hawkmoths, which amount to 289,000 specimens, and how the Lepidoptera section is dealing with the re-housing, care and accession of this important group.  ...
Mar 4, 2014 Up, up, up, and up… into the puna on the border of Junín and Lima
From Canta, a road goes up the Río Chillon to Cerro de Pasco and the eastern side of the Andes – crossing over the high elevation grassland habitat called the puna. Several wild potatoes grow in these extreme habitats above or around 4,000...
Jan 31, 2014 The Legacy of Wallace - a talk by George Beccaloni
Watch a video recording by the British Humanist Association of a talk about Wallace's life and work and his discovery of evolution by natural selection. I presented this talk at Ancestor's Trail 2013 on the 25 August 2013: