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Microbial biodiversity

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We arrived in King Edward Point Research Station the day after our visit to Jason Habour. It was a cloudy day and the sea was very choppy, therefore it took a while to get us off the MS Delphin into KEP’s Jet Habour Launch boats and safely back to land.


King Edward Point Research Station is a small station nestled just below Mount Duse in Kind Edward Point Cover, which is part of Cumberland East Bay. In summer there are usually around 20 people based including the South Georgia government officers, boat officers, engineers, a station doctor and several researchers who aremonitoringkrill and fish populations in the coastal waters of South Georgia.However, this year was a particularly busy year due to renovations of the Discovery house that was built in 1925 during the Discovery Investigations, the rat eradication program as well as a research team from National Centre for Atmospheric Research and our team.


The Government of South Georgia also has a fishery patrol and logistics support vessel called the MV Pharos SG, which dropped by KEP several times during our stay.



IMG_8192.jpgKing Edward Cove


King Edward Point Research Station

IMG_8039.jpgPost office at KEP

IMG_8106.jpgMS Pharos SG


Grytviken is also in King Edward Point Cove, whichused to be a large whaling station. Most of the former whaling station has been removed with some structures remaining as historic site, as well as a small church. There is a nice museum documenting the whaling history of South Georgia, and displays on some of flora and fauna found in South Georgia.




IMG_9116.jpgMuseum in Grytviken