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Microbial biodiversity

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South Georgia is probably one of the most remote places I have ever travelled to. First part of the journey was to fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was a nice change from rainy London to sunnyBuenos Aires, Argentina. The second part of our journey was on the MS Delphinfrom Buenos Aires to South Georgia via Montevideo, Uruguay . The journey took us 6-days and it was a very pleasant way to watch wild lifeand catch up on work. From the second day onward, we frequently saw whales and abstrarosses passing the ship.


DSCF1143.jpgNatural History Museum, rainy January 2013



Buenos Aires, Argentina

DSCF1247.jpgDeparture from Buenos Aires, boarding the MS Delphin


The MS Delphin, our home for the next 6-days


Albatross passing the ship