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We have arrived in Borneo! It took a while.  First I nearly missed my taxi to the airport, then we had a 12 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur and then we took off on our connecting flight only to have to return to the airport because of a problem with the plane!  By this point, Tony and I were exhausted. Sleeping on planes is not easy, partly because you’re sat up, and partly because the in-flight entertainment is so tempting!


After a short delay, while they attempted to fix the plane, we were finally off again and heading to the city of Tawau in Borneo.  By the time we got there it was already dark and we had been travelling for over 24hrs. Following a meal of fish and rice and a curious green custard type dessert, we gratefully made our way to our air conditioned rooms and bed.


Waking up this morning, I forgot for a moment where I was.  I drew back the curtains to see a sprawling city, surprisingly green, with a mixture of new and old buildings, corrugated iron roofs and tall office blocks. Tony and I took our breakfast outside, and the first thing that struck us was the heat.  Far warmer than the autumnal Britain we left a day or two ago. 



We are now sat waiting for a car to take us to the rainforest, a good four hours journey away. Our bags are repacked (with a bit of squeezing and shoving), I’ve taken my travel sickness tablets (a precaution in case of bumpy, winding tracks) and we are really excited about finally meeting up with Dan and the team in Maliau.