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Kiwi Boy11 Kiwi Boy11 Which theory of Dinosaur extinction do you think is right? 3,854 4 1 month ago by Simeon
EJM636 EJM636 what's your favourite dinosaur? 6,686 14 1 month ago by Iguanodon
Boosh Boosh What do you think the Earth would be like if dinosaurs hadn't been extinct? 4,713 11 1 month ago by Simeon
AnimalGirl AnimalGirl Iguanadon fun fact 470 0 1 month ago by AnimalGirl
Simeon Simeon Jurrasic Park problems 4,821 5 1 year ago by Iguanodon
EJM636 EJM636 What would happen to the food chain if a dinosaur was let loose? 6,400 11 1 year ago by habdab
Iguanodon Iguanodon What is your favourite British dinosaur? 517 0 1 year ago by Iguanodon
blake123 blake123 what is every ones favourite dinosaur? 3,087 8 1 year ago by Iguanodon
pendlebury pendlebury Im looking for a consolidant solution for my marine reptile fossils 1,314 3 2 years ago by Ryanc
Izzy Izzy Whats its name? 1,552 3 2 years ago by Jonathan - NaturePlus host
raghav-jaya raghav-jaya have you seen the bones of the largest dinosaur? 2,144 1 2 years ago by blake123
Kiwi Boy11 Kiwi Boy11 What do you think about Dicy? 2,234 1 2 years ago by Jonathan - NaturePlus host
MartinZ MartinZ Entrance conditions The Age of the Dinosaur 2,255 2 2 years ago by Chesca - former Museum ID team member
Boosh Boosh Why do you think dinosaurs have become extinct? 7,128 7 2 years ago by Kiwi Boy11
bluebird bluebird What is it that makes dinosaurs so amazing? 1,863 0 2 years ago by bluebird
twister97 twister97 What is people's faviorite dinosaur? 3,932 4 3 years ago by pooface
artic boy artic boy Wat is the biggest dinosaur that ever lived in the sea 3,257 2 3 years ago by artic boy
Deltadromeus Deltadromeus Does anyone know which Titanosaur this is? 3,412 8 3 years ago by Deltadromeus