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Tonight sees the Museum's Night Safari Halloween Special where Lisa Di Tommaso, our Earth Sciences Assistant Librarian, will be offering up some of the Library's more spooky, mythical and Halloween-related holdings. Below are a selection of our weird and wonderful wonders!



Mythical monsters of the two and four-legged variety from Ulyssis Aldrovandi's Monstorium historia (1642).











A p-terrifying Pterosaur by Neave Parker (1910-1961)



Actaea pachypoda (also known as Doll's eyes

A not so scary orchid by William King (fl.1760s)

or White Baneberry) by William King (fl.1760s)



Ghosts of the fungal variety? Lycoperdon colifornize

by Mary Turner (c.1800)

A black raven from John Gould's Introduction to the

Birds of Great Britain (1862)


Once again the Library has had great pleasure in being part of the Young Graduates for Museums and Galleries programme (YGMG).

YGMG open day-016-27072011.jpg


The scheme is now in its seventh year, and targets talented and gifted students (16-18 years of age) from inner London, giving them the opportunity to see behind the scenes of some of the major museums and galleries in London. Those involved are: the Natural History Museum, Tate, British Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum and the Science Museum.


YGMG open day-019-27072011.jpg


The students are given tours by staff, with the opportunity to see the collections and learn what is involved in working in these different organisations. The idea is to enthuse and stimulate interest in working in the fields of sciences, art and history.


YGMG open day-022-27072011.jpg


Students are then given the opportunity to work at one of the organisations on an internship during the summer holidays. The Library hosted a total of 25 students, who were shown a display of some of the Library's rare books and manuscripts, and given a talk by Lisa Di Tommaso (Assistant Librarian, Earth Sciences).


It is always really interesting to see the reactions of the students, many of whom have never used such primary sources before and are amazed to see books that are over 350 years old!

YGMG open day-060-27072011.jpg

From 21 January 2011 you can marvel at some of the most beautiful, historic artworks and modern images of nature held by the Museum Library in our newly renovated gallery called Images of Nature.