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Come along at 14.30 to the Attenborough Studio and join Daisy Cunynghame (Assistant Records Manager, Library & Archives) as she talks about a fascinating slice of Museum history.


The Museum has survived two world wars, the Blitz and the rise of nuclear weapons. It has not always escape unscathed, as the pockmarks of bomb damage covering the side entrance show, but it has always been prepared. Join her as she delves into the Museum's Archives to discover the extreme lengths that scientists and staff went to in order to protect the collections during World War II. Find out about the initial planning, mobilisation and the evacuation of specimens, hear tales of espionage and reveal the scientific work carried out by the Museum to aid the war effort.


This event is FREE!


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Join Jill Darrell (Palaeontology Department) and Hellen Sharman (Library & Archives) in the Attenborough Studio to learn about William Smith and his famous geological map (1815).


Jill will be in the studio discussing the history behind the science and the story behind the man, and Hellen will join her via live link to the Library, to introduce the map and discuss it's features.


Come along to the studio ready for a 14.30 start.


This event is free.


To learn more about this map and William Smith read our previous Item of the Month blog




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The weird and wonderful world of zoological ephemera



Come along and learn about a time before photography, television and radio, when animals from distant lands were brought to the attention of a curious general public.


Discover the world of travelling menageries, animal displays and other odd shows, during the 18th and 19th centuries, through the ephemera collection of the Library and Archives.


Come to the Attenborough Studio in the Darwin Centre, the talk starts at 14.30.


It's free!